2013, Sahalie Publishing

2013, Sahalie Publishing
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Visit to Syracuse

I'll be in town for a visit in mid-October. If any Cherry Road Alumni or Westvale denizens would be interested in meeting with me to share historical information, stories, or participate in an oral interview about your personal history at CRS and/or Westvale, please contact me.
The purpose of my visit from Oregon is to see the folks, so I don't have lots and lots of extra time, but I'd love to meet with anyone who has a tidbit or a picture to share. Actual writing on the book will begin after the first of the year (as soon as I meet deadline for the educator book I'm working on now) and so now is the time to gather facts and rememberances.
Thanks to those of you who have gotten in touch and "shared." I also want to thank the Solvay-Geddes Historical Society for their diligent support.
Contact Nancy "Camille" at: 503.914.9515 (mobile phone).
I arrive in Syracuse on the 13th and depart on the 22nd.

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