2013, Sahalie Publishing

2013, Sahalie Publishing
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Miss Parsons

Like Captured Fireflies

In her classroom our speculations ranged the world.

She aroused us to book waving discussions.

Every morning we came to her carrying new truths, new facts, new ideas

Cupped and sheltered in our hands like captured fireflies.

When she went away a sadness came over us,

She left her signature upon us

The literature of the teacher who writes on children's minds.

I've had many teachers who taught us soon forgotten things,

But only a few like her who created in me a new thing a new attitude, a new hunger.

I suppose that to a large extent I am the unsigned manuscript of that teacher.

What deathless power lies in the hands of such a person.

John Steinbeck

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