2013, Sahalie Publishing

2013, Sahalie Publishing
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When Miss Parsons Retired

When Marion Parsons retired as principal of Cherry Road School, it was a huge event for the community. She had become an institution. We have many artifacts in the family collection of Aunt Marion memorabilia of this time. There had been luncheons, dinners, ceremonies, and edicts of a special day in June to be held each year: Marion Parsons Day.

One artifact I have in my possesion is a letter written to Marion by a trustee on the School Board. It is written on letterhead of The Merchants National Bank and Trust Company of Syracuse, and signed by Trust Officer, Kenneth F. Barton. Dated May 7, 1952, the letter reads:

Dear Miss Parsons:

I consider that I personally am very fortunate to have the privilege of advising you that a resolution was unanimously passed at the annual meeting of the School Board held on May 6, 1952, expressing to you the very deep and sincere appreciation of the residents of the district for the long and faithful service which you have rendered to the School and the community and in particular, to the children of the Westvale area.

I am sorry that you were not present at the meeting so that you could have realized from the manner in which this resolution was adopted how very deep the feeling of the people was and in what esteem you are held in the community.

Kennneth Barton

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