2013, Sahalie Publishing

2013, Sahalie Publishing
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Time Gone Past

Cherry Road School
Teachers from the 1940s

Many of the wonderful educators who helped make Cherry Road School what it is today, who some of the older alumni remember fondly, are gone. Though they are no longer with us, we remember them as though it were yesterday. As I make progress with the book, The Brass Bell, I realize how nice it would be to have pictures of these teachers and stories from their teaching days. Here is a list of CRS teachers from the 1940s (some are still with us):

  • Helen Miller
  • Pauline Steinbeck
  • Tibby Muench Dumanian
  • Ruth Walti
  • Margaret Hannigan Francoeur
  • Elsie Bedwell Haskins (still alive and kicking!)
  • Beth Schermerhorn
  • Ann Robinson
  • Jean McLusky Miller
  • Mary Costello Kinnan
  • Lorna Richards
  • Sallie Schwartz
  • Florence Wallace
If any readers/followers of this blog have pictures/stories about these educators you'd be willing to share for the book, please fell free to contact me: schoolhouse2@comcast.net

Though I do have several pictures of teachers from the olden days, I want to be sure I have a picture of each one and at least one story about how she (notice they are all "she") may have affected someone's life. Or, if for someone on this list who is still alive, if you have contact information I would love to speak with her. I have had a recent conversation with Elsie Haskins.

I appreciate the help and support I receive on this project. I plan to be in Syracuse in late September and early October this year.

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