2013, Sahalie Publishing

2013, Sahalie Publishing
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

An Alumni Remembers Miss Parsons

Thank you for the effort you are putting forth to bring this history into a full circle --I read with great interest and new found knowledge of this small and great community that I came from ---- while many friendships have come and gone their are a few that after 70 years still prevail --especially thanks to the internet and persistent friends who keep in touch ...
I think that is one of the things that a small community imparts on the soul!!! In today's world I marvel at the simplicity from which we come --and that somehow imparts a responsibility that we rise to --- in memory of friendships -- good friends, caring teachers who inspite of our shortcomings gave us a road map that I think today we follow even if unknown to us!!! When I think of Miss Parsons I am reminded of how much respect I held for her-- I think I was quite in awe-- my friend and I stopped in one day to say hello and she was so gracious -- my friend lived across the street from her on Cherry Rd and we were so young and curious !!!!! It brings a smile to my face as I remember gentle kindness and a bit of humor in here eyes --for some reason I remember those eyes -- while it was a quick visit I remember gracious warmth !!!!
Best wishes,Pat Hanrahan Hembach '49

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